Quadski XL
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Quadski XL
Boundless Freedom

Technical highlights
Quadski XL technical


hp on water
  • Engine
    4-stroke in-line 4 cylinder
  • Fuel type
    98 RON. Premium plus unleaded
  • Ground clearance
    8.6 in / 215 mm
  • Marine Propulsion
    Gibbs jet drive with reverse
  • Brakes
    4 wheel disc brakes
  • Drive layout
  • Suspension
    Independent coil springs/hydraulic dampers
  • Weight (curb)
    1,437 lbs / 652 kg
  • Hull
    Monocoque dual skin composite
  • Overall length
    140.2 in / 3,560 mm
  • Overall width
    62.5 in / 1,587 mm
  • Wheel Base
    82.3 in / 2,090 mm
  • Land speed
    Up to 45 mph
  • Overall height
    53.0 in / 1,345 mm
  • Track Width
    55.5 in / 1,410 mm
  • Water speed
    Up to 45 mph
Spirit of Adventure

We are the sports amphibians’ experts but we know that our distinctiveness is not solely our engineering inventiveness, it is the stories that we enable. We provide the tools that permit you to push yourself beyond accepted boundaries, to experience the world as it was meant to be explored. We are the spirit of adventure, a provider of exclusive experiences to share.

Quadski XL
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