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THE WORLD'S FIRST HSA Personal watercraft


45mph on water and land. Four seconds in between.


The Quadski reaches speeds of 45mph on both water and land and transitions between them in seconds. At the press of a button the Quadski's wheels deploy when approaching land and retract after entering the water.

Previously, no commercially available amphibian has been able to exceed 10 mph on water. The difference is the breakthrough GIBBS patented technology provides unique on-water performance. Unmatched freedom on water AND land, and rapid in transition - Quadski sets a new standard in flexibility, freedom and fun for personal watercraft.

Technical Highlights

140 hp
On water
  • Engine
    4 cylinder 1300cc 16 valve DOHC
  • Marine Propulsion
    Gibbs jet drive
  • Water Speed
    Up to 45mph
  • Land Speed
    Up to 45mph
  • Suspension
    Independent coil springs and hydraulic dampers
  • Brakes
    4 Wheel disk brakes (on land)
  • Drive Layout (land)
  • Payload
    up to 260lbs, 120kg (100kg rider, 20kg equipment)
  • Occupants
  • Dry Weight
    1333lbs (605kg) excludes fuel, rider, and equipment
  • Overall length
    10.5ft (3.2m)
  • Overall width
    5.2ft (1.6m)
  • Wheelbase
    5.9ft (1.8m)
  • Approach angle
  • Track width
    4.6ft (1.4m)
  • Overall height
    4.6ft (1.4m)
  • Ground Clearance
    9in (0.23m)
  • Departure angle

Operation & Safety Information

High Performance BMW Engine

Quadski is powered by BMW Motorrad’s K1300 engine. On water the BMW engine is coupled with GIBBS patented water jet propulsion system. The Quadski is capable of attaining speeds of 45mph on both water and land. Excellent performance and comfortable ride are the result of a light weight composite hull, wide track and low centre of gravity, which gives Quadski robust stability on water and land.

Incorporating HSA Technology


Incorporating GIBBS HSA technology, the Quadski hull provides a stable planing surface and lateral grip for responsive handling on water. The hull is designed to be hydrodynamic in marine mode. The Quadski's hull is strong, durable, light-weight and is manufactured from a single-piece mould using current composite technology.


GIBBS jet units are lighter and more compact than traditional marine industry water jets and provide high levels of thrust and manoeuverability on water. Water jet propulsion also provides responsive manoeuverability at low speeds and reverse while providing power to cruise at planing speeds. GIBBS water jet technology can propel the Quadski to planing speed in seconds.


The Suspension gives superb ride and handling on land and retracts when on the water. The complete transition takes four seconds, at the push of a button.

Application Concepts

GIBBS continues to innovate and explore the potential of the versatile Quadski. Conceptual work is underway on specialist applications for professional and recreational use.

The images depict CONCEPTUAL APPLICATIONS of GIBBS Quadski.  The PROTOTYPES depicted are not available for sale to consumers and the activities depicted are NOT INTENDED USES of the commercially available Quadski.  The demonstrations involve highly-skille
Operation & Safety Info